Saimaa Still QD 5.56 vaimennin Gen 2 Näytä suurempana

Saimaa Still QD vaimennin Gen 2

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Saimaa Still QD 556

QD 556 is a high quality and high performance quick detach rifle suppressors which is designed for gas operated semiautomatic and automatic rifles. Saimaa Still rifle suppressors have special construction which allows gases to flow through the suppressor instead of go backwards into the gun and onto operators face. There are several benefits in the flow through construction:
- No back pressure and gases to operators direction
- No increase in bolt velocity. High bolt velocity can cause malfunctions and gun break - Decreased recoil and muzzle rise because of lower bolt velocity
- Flash suppression. Gases will flow through a filter which decreases the visible flash
- No increase in rate of full automatic fire
- No increase of receiver’s carbon depositing

Technical features QD762L    QD556L
-        Caliber 7.62 mm     5.56 mm
-        Weight 571     518
-        Diameter mm. 45     45
-        Overall lenght mm. 212    187
-        Added lenght to weapon mm. 203     178
-        Net sound suppression - 27db     - 29 db
-        Finishing Cerakote / glass blasted Material Stainless Steel / aluminium

Gen 2 technology with anti-rotation system.