Bore Tech puhdistuspuikko haulikolle, alumiini Näytä suurempana

Bore Tech puhdistuspuikko haulikolle, alumiini


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Yksiosainen, pituus 36"


Tuote toimitetaan 2-4 arkipäivässä.

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70,00 € sis. alv


Bore Tech’s Alloy Shotgun Stix™ feature an ergonomic handle with a barrel safe, robust, aerospace alloy rod that boasts unsurpassed rigidity. These non rotating rods fit 410-10 gauge shotguns and are available in both 1 piece and 2 piece configurations.

All Alloy Shotgun Stix™ are female ended with standard 5/16-27 threads and work perfectly with our popular Shotgun Patch Jags and bronze bore brushes.

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